Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Awesome Traeger Grills for Fourth of July

This is the ultimate grill for the Fourth of July. What's more American than cooking your pig in a pig? Or your steer in a steer? Thanks to Traeger Grills, my dreams have come true!

If you missed the earlier post on Animal Fast Food Spokesmen, go look at it first. Then you'll realize that now you can get that animal approval for anything you grill at home.

Click for larger pics.

Here's the Lil' Pig grill from their catalog. These are pellet grills, they plug in and use electric heaters to burn compressed sawdust pellets.

And the Longhorn Steer for your steaks and filets.

I went to my local Traeger dealer to see the Lil' Pig in action.

Looks even better in person.

Curly tail is a nice touch.
Front view.
And the money shot, inside the cooking area. I'm saving up for mine starting now.

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Anonymous said...

Best feature....on that last pic, check out the "teets" on the underside trim. Now THAT is detail.