Sunday, November 29, 2009

Postcard from Richard Nixon

I'm using the front of this postcard from the 60s as my Christmas card
this year. You should, too. Click to enlarge.

B.M.S. Home Broadcaster

Apparently the Mr. Microphone phenomenon started earlier than I thought. Here's the BMS Home Broadcaster, which allowed your voice to go over the radio from as far away as the wire would stretch.

It looks like a carbon microphone hooked to wires, which you then attached to these induction coils, which you placed between the tube and its socket:

Here's the instructions, click to enlarge.

The technology changes, but our sense of humor never gets anymore sophisticated.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marine Corps PSAs from 1969

Today's the birthday of the founding of the Marine Corps, so here are some public service radio announcements from 1969 from former Marines. Jack Webb, Art Buchwald, and Jonathan Winters were among the celebrities who recorded these for the Corp. Click the names to listen to Jack Webb, Art Buchwald, and Jonathan Winters.