Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eat Me - Fast Food Animal Spokesmen

I saw this blog the other day, suicidefood, where someone is outraged that animals are used to advertise their own tasty selves.
I totally disagree. It gives me a warm feeling to be welcomed to a restaurant by a happy pig, cow, chicken, or fish. It's an extra stamp of approval that makes the food taste even better. Over the years, I've also collected pictures of animals advertising food, but only because I like them. Here are some shots I've taken around the country, click on any pic to enlarge.

BB's Bar-B-Q in Franklin Tennessee. What could be more welcoming than this?

Hog Heaven near Centennial Park in downtown Nashville.

The Crab Station at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Notice the neon crab presiding, and the crab hoodie.

King's Island in Cincinnati has the Busytown Grill.

Huckle Cat serves up the grub.

The Fish Market in Atlanta.

Mr. Barbeque in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Miss Fried Chicken and some great pies are there.

Nashville Tennessee has King Fish in the Germantown area.

Back to BB's Bar-B-Q. Had dinner here tonight. A jumbo barbeque sandwich with hot sauce and extra slaw.



Anonymous said...

You are correct...about all! :)
Hope the sammich was good!
-a bb's bbq employee

Dave Rollins said...

These are great.. I love them!!!