Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wrecking Crew Documentary

The Wrecking Crew was the nickname for a legendary group of studio musicians in the 60s. They were the band playing on thousands of records made then, including the 5th Dimension, Byrds, Mamas & Papas, Beach Boys, Tijuana Brass, and more. Denny Tedesco, son of Crew member Tommy Tedesco, showed this film last month at the Nashville Film Festival. I got a last minute ticket, and I'm glad. It was one of the best music documentaries I've ever seen. Denny interviewed Crew members like Carol Kaye and Plas Johnson, who showed how they came up with the killer licks on hits by Sonny & Cher and others. According to Denny, there are 123 songs in the film, and 147 musical cues. If you have any interest in 60s music, you've got to find out more about this film. Go to the Wrecking Crew Documentary website and sign up to be notified of a DVD release. The more people sign up, the sooner the DVD will come out. Glenn Campbell says, "Do It Now!"

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