Sunday, June 01, 2008

Apple Store Huntsville Opening

A brand new Apple store opened up May 31 in Huntsville, Alabama, at the Bridge Street Town Center. There are more smart people in Huntsville that just about anywhere, so I went to check out the party. Be sure to click any pic for a larger version.

8:15am. Not much action. Security didn't allow camping out overnight.

Here are the characters you'd expect to see. There were about a hundred hardcore (get it?) Apple fans in line before everyone else showed up.

About a half hour before the opening, the Apple staff ran out and high-fived the waiting crowd. At the store opening, 500 people were waiting in a line that stretched halfway down the open air mall.

The first customer walks in, and the crowd genuflects to the Apple logo.

Here's the end of the line at the store opening, literally a thousand feet from the front door.

The store was busy the whole afternoon, which is when these shots were taken.


Another successful opening. Enjoy your free T-shirt.

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