Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Cult of Whataburger

On a trip to Pensacola Florida last month, I ate at a Whataburger for the first time in years. The chain has grown and shrunk regionally over the years, and they're now in ten states.

There was a Whataburger on Charlotte Avenue in Nashville in the late 70s, and I remembered the burgers as big and oniony. If anything they're bigger now, and really good.

Maybe they'll expand back to Nashville one day. Hope so.

Good burger chains are a treasure. In Nashville right now, we have Fat Mo's, and a new Five Guys in Green Hills. What's your favorite burger chain? Post a comment and let us know.


Steven said...

You did not mention the two best in Nashville. White Castle and Krystal.

Nashville is the only city in the world with both White Castle and Krystal. In fact, there is one intersection that has them both at the intersection.

Riley said...

I was b&r in Greensboro,NC and never saw a Whataburger until I travelled to eastern NC with my dad on business trips. I did eat at some of them, but it was too many years ago to remember any other details. In the summer of 1971 my city school system's spanich classes took a trip to Mexico and right down the street from the Motel Estrella in Saltillo Mexico was a Mucho Burger. The building was identical to those I had seen in eastern NC.
Along with the usual burger fare & Coke prods, I remember that they had chile con mole on the menu.

The first time I went in there, I said to the guy behind the counter (who looked just like Rob Reiner did in 1971) "hablo ingles?" to which he replied in perfect english, "shit yeah man". He told me that he was born in Mex but was raised & educated in the U.S. and had returned to Mex to run the burger business. That is my Whataburger story. I likes me a good burger, too bad there are no Whataburgers anywhere near where I live now.

Anonymous said...

Burger Up is great. My favorite in Nashville is at Mickey Roos.