Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville TN

One of the coolest places in Nashville is the Lane Motor Museum, which has the largest collection of European cars outside of Europe. How did Nashville get this lucky?

There are so many cars here that I'm just going to post a lot of pics. Click any one for a larger view. Thanks to my brother Tom for taking most of these great shots.

Many two and three wheel vehicles are on display.

Do not miss this museum if you're anywhere in the Nashville area. Tickets are only $5, and there are many special events through the year. They even take the cars out on the road a couple of times each summer.

Military vehicles, too. Here's an amphibious troop carrier parked out back.

An amphibious car.

A French propellor car. It's even road licensed in France.

Here's a 1980 electric car with the battery in the front bumper.

This one is right out of Roger Rabbit.

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The In Crowd said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

I'm really not a 'car guy', but have found that I love a good car museum.

Looks like Nashville's might come out a bit ahead, but if you're ever in Reno, Nevada, be sure to check out theirs.

Perhaps less European, but a nice variety, and plenty of serious antiques.