Friday, August 31, 2007

AM Radio QSL Cards

Back in the old days, you could listen to the AM radio band at night and hear stations from all over the country. Of course, you can do that today, but they're all playing the same syndicated music format, so who cares? If you sent the station a letter telling them where you heard them, what time and what they were playing, they would send you a souvenir QSL card, usually signed by the station engineer. Here are a few blasts from the past, click for larger pics. Part 2 was added March 2008. See it here.

I was on Estero Island in Ft. Myers, Florida when I picked up WABC New York city.

WOWO Fort Wayne Indiana.

A blank QSL card I picked up when I worked at WSM Nashville in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...

Neat card from 1110 WBT, the 50,000 watt blow tourch of the South.

They are news/talk radio now. So, you can listen to them and not hear the same music as everyone else.

jeffm12012 said...

Yeah, you hear the same talk shows as everyone else instead...