Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tampa Police Dance Band

Here's an album from 1965 or so. Needing good publicity and outreach, the Tampa Police Department forms a 27 piece dance band. Actually, they're pretty good. Click here to listen to "I'll Remember April". Click either pic to enlarge it.

I don't think the offshoot band, The Policia Brass, would be as big a hit today in Tampa. Or maybe they would. Click here to listen to "The Mexican Shuffle" and make up your mind.


Jeffers66 said...

That's a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Heh, my Dad was a cop with the TPD back then, and I always wondered why one year, after a New Years Eve party at the FOP lodge, my parents came home with Mexican Sombreros... NOW I know!!


Anonymous said...

Thats my wifes Uncle Bob..we have the album and its great stuff. In fact I just converted it to a CD and we are listening to it as I type this.Surprising sound and quality for a small record label. Was a great surprise to see it online