Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Atragon Revealed!

In 1965, I saw an ad on TV for what to a 10 year old boy had to be the greatest movie ever made - Atragon. Japanese scientists build a vessel that flies, goes underwater, and bores through the earth! I had to see this movie. (Click any pic for a larger version)

Somehow I never got around to getting to the movie, and over the years I missed it every time during the late night TV airings.

Finally in 2005, Atragon is released on DVD. Oh yeah.

An underground civilization is attacking the surface world, and the Atragon is dispatched to save the planet. That's about it. All of the plot info is here.

After waiting 42 years to see Atragon, was it worth it?

Yes. Buy your copy today.

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